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It was all about becoming OP, KK, exermining the body by every single inch, learning fashion (HUHU), exploring the inner part, and writing VeR.... Adding on with some misunderstandings, arguements, being seniority..It was, it is and it will become a routine for those who gone through 4n6 and for those who will enter after me.

BUT, I, with confident, can tell that it was more than the above for me. Fun, Making New Friends, Work As a team, Helping each other, Playing cards (LOL), etc...

Before we enter 4n6, had so many comments and also warnings from the previous groups; "4n6 sucks, full of seniority". we were preprepared for the 'fight and was expecting for the worse'. I was just hoping to finish this department as soon as possible because already had a thought that its totally going to be not fun.

First day, I was so lazy to enter the "ruko". The place was already occupied by the other University's 4n6 group. We thouhgt that so called "war" is going to start, yet we didnt want it to happen. So we made the first move, we throw the ball before them but by introducing ourselves followed by them. We didnt want to have a cold surroundings in there. First day was so packed (5 autopsies) that we had no time for each other.

Days passed, we become closer.From sitting according to University, started to sit wherever we want. From becoming KK for own groupmates, started to help each other without concerning the University. From playing cards by among ourselves, started to invite new members into it...:p

I had the bestes time of coass periode ever in 4n6. Proud to say that we (UNPAD, UKRIDA,MARANAT) were the 1st ever group that made it through without any conflicts, without any misunderstanding, without any arguements...:)

WE gonna miss u guys...:D

Life isnt a path that we have to follow wherever it takes us, but we create our own path and live it...:)

Not just any Form...!!!

I wanted to write bout this for a long time ago... Few months ago, there was a programme about religion where the issue of why Hindus worship GOD in a FORM (deity). There was a anolog given by the speaker telling why we shouldn't whorship The Supreme Personality in a Form...

"there is a couple who loves each other so much, all of sudden the husband had to go out of town. After few days, the wife starte to miss him and she captured another guy, then assumed that guy's picture as her husband...."

The boy who stood up for Hindu answered,"Wwhy must her capture another guy and assume as me, if she really loves me means i'll be in her heart".

The speaker said," U have the answer why we shouldn't give GOD a form"...

Am not sure whether others find it wrong or not, but i felt offended when i heard about it. And was kinda cursing myself cause couldn't attent, if not surely i would've argue about it. Since he gave an anolog why we shouldn't, here is another anolog why we should...

""if we put mail into an authorized mailbox it will be delivered to the address written on the envelope.
But if we drop that mail into some box other than an authorized mailbox, it will not be delivered.

~~ Similarly, if we create some form, call it God, and worship it, all according to our own mental concoction, there will be no benefit and our act will be condemned by GOD.""

Anyway, its not just any form that given for the deity, we create a form according to the actual description of GOD's form given in the revealed scriptures, and if we worship that form according to the rules and regulations given by GOD in the scriptures, we will achieve excellent results in achieving the LOVE of GOD...

According to the scriptures, the are nine processes of devotional services, and one of it is worship HIM, (arcaana), refers to Deity worship. Furthermore, the principle is that if we want to love God, we must be able to develop some personal relationship with Him. Although in our impure state, we are not qualified to see the original spiritual form of God and to worship Him; though, by His mercy He has agreed to appear in the form of His Deity. So that, we can Love HIM...:)

Therefore, the whole process of Deity worship gives us an opportunity to practice serving God. As the devotee renders continuous and regulated service to the Deity according to the methods authorized in the scriptures, the impurities of our heart gradually become cleansed and our natural loving relationship with the Lord is manifest. Without being able to relate to God in some personal way there is no question of learning to love Him, even though He is all pervading and can accept our offering any time or place...

Plz, do add on if others know more about it...thanx (^_^)

HoT...HoT...Are u ready to die now??

Dr.N asked if any of us ready to die now??today???
nah, 99% said "NO"...and the next question was "WHY?"
"Blom nikah dok, blom nikmati apa-apa doc.." answered lah 1 gal.
And the doctor started to laugh, n asked what's the correlation between u 2 die and getting married....n the whole class started to laugh.

The point is here is not bout the reason why not ready to die, but "WHY NOBODY IS NOT READY TO DIE".
No doubt that 99% of people in this world will said "NO" to die now. It's not a weird answer though because everyone still not aware of the purpose of the "LIFE". Of course its hard to say "yes" if not knowing the purpose of our LIFE...and i feel its true enough.

Why LIFE called as GIFT from the GOD?? and why must we thank HIM for every new day in our life that HE give us?? I've heard people sayng this almost since I was like 8 or 9 years old. May be because those words were inherita by the olders or they really do the meaning of those words. Furthermore, as far as i know for most of the people around me, those are not more just words. Even myself, often forget to thank HIM.

I wonder why everyone wants a long life. The more u love ur life the more it become difficult to leave this world, the more u live the more sins u'll do, the more u into this material world the more the more we attach to this miserable world..;p

DONT U THINK SO!!! huhuhu....(own opinion, ntg to do with neither those live nor died...)

The purpose of life is something that everyone should figure out by ourself. No comment bout it either. Just want everyone to start thinking bout LIFE and ready to DIE nytime from now before its too late to realize about...So stop telling we live once, have to enjoy it and other craps..We DONT know wen we will die....(^_^)

They aRe UniQue~~

They might be sick,
they might be pityful,
they might be aggresive,
they might be hallusinating,
they might be deppressed,
they might be austistic,
they might be euphoric,
they might be seems to be scary,
they might be out of their mind,
they might be paranoid toward the world,
they might be lost in their own world...
BUT they are unique!!!

Psychiatry...when hear of it, the 1st thing in everyone's mind will be 'OH Oh, is it the place for mentally ill patient??''.

Everyone undergoes the phase of being disturbed mentally. U, me, us... No denial,no exception....
stress, depression, sadness are part of everyone's life. We stressed up with work, relationships leading to depression, sadness take over our world by unpleasent news. YET we are still here, and they are in there...:)


There is no proper answer can be given...Many aspects are being accused for them to be like that and for us not to be like that;
family, family background, studies, frens, work, economy, social..and the list can go on AND on.

They are unique still...
By avoidance, they gain the love of their close one;
By ignoraning people around, they gain attention from most people;
By hurting others, they gain the carefulness fron others;
By being jobless, they gain more time for themself; (hehe)
So they are UNIQUE...!!!

!! She Just Said "MasyaAllah" !!

Past few days, everyone making me feel totally depress in all the way possible. Until I lose my confidence...

" I think u just act u are sick one particular day, shiva"-my group member.

"Sont expect of passing with ..." said a gal.

"who is ur...??" another fren asked. i told her "X"
The next word came out from her was "MasyaAllah"....and my eyes become watery on the spot. Couldnt take it anymore the way people discouraging me...

I know I'm my luck is terribly bad, but I still have faith on me, on HIM...I dont mind if u cant be my streangth but please stop being unsupportative....:p

!! One Heart Break !!

I'm talking here as a gal. "Love is only once in a lifetime". I think its bullshit. We cant fall in love with someone and ended up marrying that person because life is not a cinema where it has to be one hero and one heroine. As we travels all the way though, we might fall for someone at anytime, and we might fall in love as many times possible until we find the RIGHT one. Dont u think so??!!

Was having a drink with a friend just now, releasing stress. She was telling bout her love life and was sad that she havent find the right one yet. Then i told her, 'a gal at least must fall in love once, and has one HEART BREAK. it will definitely make her be more matured. Me always hold to it. Plus, my friend also had the same thought. She added, "we should have this phase (loving someone, then have a heart breke), in a gal's life. It will make the gal to be more mature and do the right decision in choosing the Mr. Right in the future.

Loving someone is not like meet once, talk awile then couple up. That is not yet consider as love; its still in phaase of liking someone. Being deeply in love with someone is a very long process where it involves trusting each other, understand each other pros and cons, tolaterate each others attitudes...bla..bla..bla!!!

After talking to her, i feel like I havent grow any mature yet....

Nobody's heart will be perfect without any 'defect'...Every single HEART would have been sctretched, or would have deep wound covered by plasteror strungled by rope as in this picture...:p

~~DoN't bE a DocToR tHeN...:p

dr.A : "pak keluhan bapak pa?" asked the docter right after the patient sat; with a scary face without greet the patient. While she anemnesis the patient, at the same she was busy prescribing the medication for him. And I notice the patient become uncomfortable when the doctor didnt bother to silent to what the patient was saying.

dr.B : "ibu Eni ya. gmana hari ni bu?ada pa2 keluhan?" with a friendly smile the doctor started his anemsis once the patient settled herself on the chair. After that slowly he asked bout her health, is she following her medication properly or not, whether the medicine causing her any troblesome or not...bla bla...:)

Am not going to comment nything bout the above senario, not gona critisize bout it. Its just a example for us to know how are we actually towards the patient; is it like the 1st one or the 2nd...U should know better.

Nobody is forget bout the knowledge. Here, just take a moment to think how are we to the patient. A friendly smile with a warm greeting is just more than enough, each time meet the patient, to make them feel much better and they will be very comfortable to share bout their pain and also will feel secure to be traeted by us. Am sure most of us does it; but do we all the time??!! TRUST me, that works 1oo% to get know better bout the patients disease...dont u think so??!!!

Some of us like to show our uneasiness or our stress to the patient; 'SOUR' face!!! (hehe)
some treat the patient like a subject for them to experiment. For god sake la, put ourself in their shoe and see. are we willing to be treated like that??!!!

'Wear' a SMILE on our face all the time. We are not going to lose a single cent by doing that. And be friendly. My preceptor says, "none of the patient going to tell the others, that doctor is very knowledgable; they will tell, go to this doctor, he/she is very kind".

Your SMARTNESS doesnt reflect how good you are but your EMPATHY...('.")v

p/s: personal opinion..hehe