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"jangan pake perasaan"

It was my 1st 'jaga' in UGD (emergency). Since i was in NC department, there was a head injury patient who needed debridement for his wound on his head. So i prepared all the stuffs as the resident ordered. Then started with the cleaning.

i did 'sheeesssshhh' when saw the patient in pain. The resident beside me told,
"siva, kalau mau jadi dokter, jangan pake perasaan waktu mengobati pasien"...:p

1st i was kinda shocked with that statement but then only its hit my mind that of course, if i have emotional contact with patient,my work couldn't be done at any time soon...:p

thats how i started to learn things throughout the 9 weeks in surgery depatment...:) it was really fun n felt like being a real doctor especially during jaga, yet had some hard times too... (u know nothing can be as smmooth as we want).

started with NC, then onko-uro-thorax-vascular-anak-plastik-degestive, and ended with ortho..n this nine weeks were so good that no heart to leave 'surgery' department this soon..what to do, duwana prolong oso..:p

Last day in Nc-(operation teater)

i always wont be in the shot coz im the who is taking those pic..:(

gonna miss this department alot..:p