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Itz been a hectic week...:p
Pre-koas, registration, then intro for the department. What a life??!!
The 1st thing I learned in these 2 days is "PATIENCE" a Koas should know how to be patience no matter what, Coz the only thing you have to do is wait and wait and wait at the corridor..:p

"they said all the surgery department 'Koas' must gather at the department at 1pm, got briefing. But we were waiting there for like 2 hours no one showed up, we were standing there like 'anak terbiar'...huhu. 3 pm, a resident came gave some talk for 20min then she said every group must meet their preceptor tomorrow"

She couldn't give the briefing and postponed o the next day also.

Yet, the same thing happened on Friday also...but,at least had the briefing at 4pm.

I felt like im blind-folded and left somewhere.
Weird word-STASE (still finding the meaning of this word)
Then, 'jaga'-must be at the emergency ward sharp at 3pm, but only can sign the attendance at the department after 3pm...How??!!!! (very confusing)
Must assist at least 1 surgery, and we must find the opportunity by ourselves...haihs

chaiyok sita...chaiyok....!!!
Lets ROCK the