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"jangan pake perasaan"

It was my 1st 'jaga' in UGD (emergency). Since i was in NC department, there was a head injury patient who needed debridement for his wound on his head. So i prepared all the stuffs as the resident ordered. Then started with the cleaning.

i did 'sheeesssshhh' when saw the patient in pain. The resident beside me told,
"siva, kalau mau jadi dokter, jangan pake perasaan waktu mengobati pasien"...:p

1st i was kinda shocked with that statement but then only its hit my mind that of course, if i have emotional contact with patient,my work couldn't be done at any time soon...:p

thats how i started to learn things throughout the 9 weeks in surgery depatment...:) it was really fun n felt like being a real doctor especially during jaga, yet had some hard times too... (u know nothing can be as smmooth as we want).

started with NC, then onko-uro-thorax-vascular-anak-plastik-degestive, and ended with ortho..n this nine weeks were so good that no heart to leave 'surgery' department this soon..what to do, duwana prolong oso..:p

Last day in Nc-(operation teater)

i always wont be in the shot coz im the who is taking those pic..:(

gonna miss this department alot..:p


Itz been a hectic week...:p
Pre-koas, registration, then intro for the department. What a life??!!
The 1st thing I learned in these 2 days is "PATIENCE" a Koas should know how to be patience no matter what, Coz the only thing you have to do is wait and wait and wait at the corridor..:p

"they said all the surgery department 'Koas' must gather at the department at 1pm, got briefing. But we were waiting there for like 2 hours no one showed up, we were standing there like 'anak terbiar'...huhu. 3 pm, a resident came gave some talk for 20min then she said every group must meet their preceptor tomorrow"

She couldn't give the briefing and postponed o the next day also.

Yet, the same thing happened on Friday also...but,at least had the briefing at 4pm.

I felt like im blind-folded and left somewhere.
Weird word-STASE (still finding the meaning of this word)
Then, 'jaga'-must be at the emergency ward sharp at 3pm, but only can sign the attendance at the department after 3pm...How??!!!! (very confusing)
Must assist at least 1 surgery, and we must find the opportunity by ourselves...haihs

chaiyok sita...chaiyok....!!!
Lets ROCK the


"why are u having a Quran in ur room"
"since when u started to read it?"
"U just reading to know right?"

Oh tired of all these...Questions and warnings...!!!
Is the love I had for Him,KRSNA, not enough to prove everyone that i wont leave HIM...!!! I always loved Him and Surrendered to Him. mein to hamesha Uski jhogan bhanke rehoongi...:)

Furthermore, religion2 all doesn't play any part here. Since I know the destiny of my life and the way to find it, nothing can stop me from Loving Him or turn my back to Him..:)


People used to tell me, God love to test His devotees but He will never let them down...SO TRUE...!!!

Finally, i think I got what i deserved after so many obstacles that i went through especially this year. They made us wait for 2 hours before announce the result. I entered the hall with so many thoughts, +ve n also -ve. I felt like screaming and jumping when dr.Endang said, 'Congratulation, u all made to the koas'... I'm still cant believe it...hehe..

I really thank all the good hearts who were they to support and encouraged me all the time no matter what...:)

I'm going to graduate already...huhu

But, koas only starting on October, thinking how to fill up such a long holiday...:p

Sad to Go Back~

From the day I born,
and they time we have spent,
Still i remember...
But u leave me here, Just like that,
Without saying anything...
Even the tears come from my eyes...
Still i miss u so much..!!

- Maa, u just left us; me here without think even once what will happen to us; me if u go.-
Short holiday, yet thinking how am I going to past these holidays without u. the time we use to spend together during my holidays, still i remember...u never let me go anywhere without u and love to drag me wherever u go..who will do all my shopping now?!! who will cover up for me??!! who will pamper me??!!

I still cant forget the last word u talked to me.

"Hapie Bday maa" i said.

U just replied "thank u daa" jokes, no gossips as usual...
I still cant figure out why i always been the less lucky to be with u although im ur dearest 1 compare to others...:(

Idiots!!! they must be the dumbest creatures in this world who can talk like other better work to do i guess..I wish i can see their faces.

KaRma ~

We always tend to do things without thinking of the reaction; be it immediate reaction or long term; or be it good or bad. Our every action / work called as "KARMA" in sanskrit (for hindu); For every 'action' that i do, there is a 'reaction'. Its totally different than other religion may be. Karma can also refers as the 'work' we have ahead of us, which includes lessons from both our past and present lives. Meaning, if everyone aware of the circles of birth and death, our karma always connected with our actions from past and present with its reaction.

I'm sure everyone heard of people saying, 'what la i did in my past life until suffering like this'...:p (^_^) some without knowing about karma, says it. that means we aware of our actions control our life...:) This is called as Law of karma.

God as the Provider, provides us with everything. Yet, He doesn't control us. We want (lust), we work for it (action), we get what we want (reaction). So, we have to accept whatever reaction that we get whether its good or bad. We never will complain if its good; but if something bad happens means, we blame GOD. Not appropriate is it? we should be responsible for our own action indeed.

Not all good action have immediate reward and not all bad things happen to you meaning you have bad karma. Sometimes, bad things happens for a good reason.

Example 1: A businessman-very hardworking, ambitious, wildly successful. Never even had time for himself. one day, he had an accident and ended up in hospital.

-He cant say its due to his bad karma. May be this accident might teach him the value of life and slow down a bit his life to actually feel it, enjoy it-

how about changing our karma?!! "can is it?"....of course can. Our soul is on an journey always. Karma can show us where we've been and where we might go to learn we've chosen for this lifetime. confused?? huhu. May be we feel like our life is full of miserable. That could be due to our actions in the past. May now we can choose a good path to change it. We can adjust our actions to either changes in ongoing work or gain new perspective on our past action so that we can avoid making the same mistake twice...:)


one can be free from this Law Of Karma!!!!! When we started get bored of this material world, when we understands the purpose of this life, when we knows that we are the 'soul' not the body...when he inquires "who am I? Why am I here? Whats going on? and what is my part?"

when we understand the ultimate truth that our every action is for GOD. Whatever we does is because of Him. And always put Him before for every action, then we are free from this Law...:)

He says:

"do your part and offer the reaction to me"

Example: - If a worker works all the day.Then when get the salary, he buys flowers or do donation, etc. In that way, he doesn't owns the reaction of his action.-

The End...hehe..(^_^)v-peace

~ Be With Me Always ~

Every single person needs a reason to change; may it be into good or bad. A strong reason which make them to see the reality. I also had that so called ‘reason’ lately to change back to the person I was before come to Indonesia.

I used to a preserved type, so pious (until after form 5 I even plan to devote myself to GOD) and very strict in following the principles that being thought to me since I was a kid. My father is a strict person, who doesn’t even let us wear ¾ pants out of the house; can’t cut the hair shorter, can’t go out after 8pm, any function must wear traditional dress, never went out partying with friends, etc.

But coming out here and mix with all kind of peoples changed me a lot. I myself realized that changes. Started wearing sleeveless, break some of the rules, wear shorts and walk around in jatinangor and mix around openly to all my friends; either it’s a guy or girl. Tried to be ‘social’ and modern. It was so fast that I didn't realize of it. Yet, I got bored of that life so fast also.... Huhuhu

However the ‘reason’ which made me to realize about it came in a way that I didn’t expect. A friendship with someone kind of realized me and stopped me being in the stupid ‘darkness’ plus reminded me those things forget which I was practicing all the while . That person didn’t in person made the changes but then being around, getting know that person and being a friend of him gave a chance for me realize so many things which were wrong all the time; here in jatinangor I mean.. (^_^)

My spiritual life was kinda down since I came to Indonesia. Well environment always influences our thought and there wasn’t had a single person to remind or warn me. So all I had was influences from people around me which made me to forget the principles I used to follow. But.... But, by reading that person’s writings somehow made me feel guilty. I tried to change back to old me again; were cursing myself for being so ‘alpa’ in this material world and controlled by ‘maya’.

Not only that, I found good friendships also. My life started to be better and always surrounded by nice friends; friends who respect not only me but also the principles I follow, accept me without expecting any changes from me to fit myself with them. Example:

My friends who used to be,

“Never mind papa, eat onion 1 day will cause you nothing. Just ‘tutup satu mata’ and eat la”

Those friends I made after that,

“Wait ah siva, I read first the ingredients. Oh, this 1 you can eat...oh this 1 you can’t eat”

I’m not telling those friends I knew eelier are not good. It just that they are not very religious so doesn’t really understand me. However those friends I treasured now are those who understand me well enough although they are not same as me (religion wise). Just because the way we see this life is same, it brought us closer enough compare to any other friends before. They were the always there in my good and also bad time. The best part is they share their religion to me without any expectation.

Mentally Prepared ~

i think im mentally prepared to accept whatever awaiting for me on 7th august. I just got 3 department papers to go out of 46 departments, but now i feel like i chose the wrong papers for 1 of the departments. Nothing can be change now.

worse come worse ill join the February batch. But it doesn't means I'm a dumb or what. People who cheated all the from 1st year until now can get though means,its the sign that luck play bigger part compare to hardworking. And also if they enter Koas now it doesn't means they gonna finished it on time. So its just a matter of time.

There must a good reason why GOD doing this to me. May be i will have ample time to prepare myself to enter practical. May be i can spend some time with my family since house condition not stable yet.

However, i must be mentally prepared to face it in two weeks....

~ MR or MRS right ~

Why everyone thinks that the person to whom we get married can be not our mr/mrs right??!!

Few days back I was chit chat with my friends...One of my friends said,

" Kan waktu 1st year ustad ade cakap yang, kalau kita khawin nanti tak semestinya orang tu jodoh kita"

Spontaneously, another friend and i said,

"Kenape u pon fikir macam tu, kenape kita x jadikan orang tu sebagai jodoh kita?"

then she said,

"takkan orang yang kite khawin tu jadikan mr right la? belum kenal...bla bla bla"

Not only her, but most of the people think the same nowadays. If can cop up together, divorce. As simple as that...?!! why cant they think about it properly before they committed to a person??!!!

See few times, chat couple of hours, then like each other ready means 'lets get married'..please la..!!! We can take our time to get to each other and then only committed to each it more rational and at the same time can be sure of the the person whether he / she is our mr / mrs right...(^_^)

Dont tell, if that person is bad or something then have to divorce... that's the reason we must get to know each other well before. not to say, after marriage cant get to know but just saying that it's better this way..Can avoid so many things...true or not??!!

Last time where got people fall in love and all. Mostly arranged marriage.Yet, they can take that person as a life partner and also mr / mrs right...e.g. our parents.
My mom and dad lived together and my mom always tried to be the mrs right for my dad.I always wanted to be like that.

Law or religion shouldnt be a reason for everyone to have trial on mr / mrs right like changing clothes...:p

p/s : just my opinion...:p

LucK Isn'T EveryThinG~

yesterday when i was waiting for 'Judicium' at outside of A5, one of my friend told me 'Luck is not everything siv' after seeing me so worried. And she said we will deserve what we worked for. that's how she consulted me...

Doctor Yuni, my dosen wali, after enter the room, she started giving our results. My heart feel like stopping after seeing OSCE (V & VI) is B. 'Shit, i cnt graduate this august then'. After that, i cant be bother already about my department papers. I was controlling myself from dropping my tears in front of my doc & friends. Right after consult what subject to take and all, i just ran into the washroom and dial my dad's num.

"pa, i dont think so i cant graduate this august" and started crying.

It was a big shock for him too, i knew. But he was trying to consult me by telling may its for a good reason. And he totally didnt blame me because the OSCE was 1 week right after my mum's....Yet, i couldnt consult myself. I told him,

"no pa, i never failed this exam before. i just cant accept it. plus
i duwan u to pay extra 1 sem money just because of this"

however he succeed to control me. Then i told him bout the department papers. And i said i want to come home after the papers. He also agreed.

I went back to the room again. My doc was waiting for me. she asked me to sit beside her and wait for her to settle everyone's first. I was crying all the while. Just cant stop cursing on my faith. After settle down everyone's result, she came to me. trying to consult me. She adviced me not give up and bla bla bla...

she even said,

"shiva, i also had to extend last time for 9 months just because of 1 sks. But now see me, how am i. I tried to learn more then i entered koas and graduate before everyone also. And its just matter of time. dont worry, this might help you to become even a better doctor compare to all your friends"

Yet, i still cant digest it. I was asking Him, why me?!! why he gave me so much of tests in this year. since starting of this year until now, why its like never ending only?!! whats was my mistake until i have to go thru this tough test??!! and i felt like my eyes already dried out of tears since it never stop tearing since last month....

I came back to my friends house cause cant stand there any longer. My friend tried put me to sleep. Suddenly at 2 pm i woke up and asked my friend whether she can accompany me to FK or not. i wanted to check my result in evaluation team, to clarify which station i failed. cause i wasnt satisfied with it. We went back to campus again.

I asked the stuff who incharge of this,

"pak, saya mau check saya gagal station apa hari tu?"

he asked for my transcript. He returned after few minutes and told,

"GUS HT and PE, tapi ini sudah salah neng, kemarin hasil station ini lupa dimasukin. kamu sebenarnya luluus ko. jgn risau, ntar di judcium 2 diperbaiki ya"

I didnt bother that the pak in front of me. i started crying because was so happy.
4 hours of crying, thought my bad luck never gona stop, was answered within few hours. If i didnt had the confident that i wouldnt fail and didnt go and check again means, i might already give up.

THANK GOD, really.

I came back and told my friend who told me about luck thingy the whole story. And she said,

"see siv, i told you,its not the luck.its faith.And dont worry you do just fine with the 3 more papers."

1) if you think that there is something wrong, dont hesitate to go and find out.

2) Never trust anyone else and you have faith on yourself.

Thank you tasha for always being there for me and for never letting me alone whenever i was sad. you are really a good friend to me...:)

Thanks to ulaga and vintha also for holding my back whenever i face problems. I duno what i would have do without both of you..:)

Pray for me to get thru these 3 department papers...:)

~ 'No Treatment For Family' ~

I still remember the BHP class early this year, about a doctor cant treat his own family members. THe doctor said its ethically not allowed. When i heard that i told a friend of mine,

"what he is talking la, how we cant treat our own family members. of course we will try to give the best for them right..this ethical thingy is going way out of what we suppose to learn i guess"

Yet, i was wondering all the while why is it so. On 27th of may i got the answer...

My uncle fetched me from the airport. I thought we were heading to the hospital where my mum admitted. Half way on the highway, then only i realized its the way to my house. i asked my uncle'

"Arent we going to see mum 1st before we go home"

and he said,

"she already discharged from hospital and mow at home taking rest"

Weird thing happened!!!
As a medical student who already studied about cardio in third year, i supposed to know that it cant happen. i knew that a MI patient wouldnt be discharge that fast. Yet, i tried to believe what my uncle said. Trying to consult myself that my mum will be ok and will receive me as usual. And hoping so much that my uncle wont say the sentence 'she left me'...

Then i realised why its ethically not allowed to tread out own family members. When we face them as our patient, we can loose our mind, we cant think rasionally and can be carried by emotions.

We, as a human beings, are not excepted from being carried by our emotions no matter how strong are we and how profession can we be...!!!

Someones Watching over me...

OSCE-dr.Yuni 'u r doing good,recovering very fast'

Sidang-dr.Rov 'u manage to finish it with all the obstacles u had'

A friend- 'u seems to be fine now'

I myself wonder how i can do it...!!!
How i can accept the fact so fast...!!!
How i can hide my pain, my sorrows from every1...!!!

It just because i believe that she always watching over me, i guess..
so i cant be sad, have to move on with this life, no matter what it takes to live this life...

i thank all my friends who were there for me for past two weeks...


[This 1 is dedicated to my mom...]

The most wonderful word in this world...
not every1 get the chance to say this word,
not all the children owns her in their life.

the only soul you can find with so much of loves (besides HIM)
the only person who understand our every single movement,
the one and only person who always wishes for your happiness rather than hers!!!

u always been my best friend until i didnt had to find some1 out there,
u always been my enemy whenever you try to stop doing something that i want but not good for me,
u always been my gossip partner until my friends told i cant gossip coz i always do it with u,
u always been there to hold me whenever i was sad or down'
u always been there to support me whenever i do something new,
u always been there to guide me if im confuse,
u always been there for me in all aspects...
Yet i feel like the time i spent with you not enough,
i need more time...more and more time...

you've dedicated your whole life for others,
For your siblings, for paa, for us, for devotees, for relatives, for the community,
you've always been there for others needs, and did nothing for yourself!

u-the most wonderful, loving mom ever,
and the best among the best...
nobody can be like you, nobody can replace you..
how hard i try also, cant be like you in the future,
you're AMAZING!!!

I know GOD loves you more but so do us...
i know ull be watching over me as usual no matter what..
i know i have to fulfill all your wishes...
have to make sure all ur wishes come true no matter what...
i promise maa ill do it!!!

some said i need to strong; some wants me to smile back like last time...
i know i need to be strong ; physically i will try for now but dont aspect me to strong emotionally this early...
and if the matter of my 'smile', will i be able to bring back that smiley face again that every1 wish to see??!!!

It's Not The End Of The World...

SOCA - Student Oral Case Analysis is just another test which totally depends on your luck, 100% and nothing more than that.U either don't get the case you want, or you get what you want, but the doctors are killers.This is something very common in SOCA.

During 1st year, all u want is to get an A in soca. 2nd year...hmmm, still want an A. when you've entered 3rd year, the thoughts changes..B will 4th year, all you want is just to pass that crappy test...No more flying colours..

As we move forward, some things don't seem to matter any more. At the same time you feel like you don't deserve what you've earned for..

I do get angry with Him but I did learn something...
1) don't doubt what we want to tell.
2) Don't put boundaries at any instant.
3) past is past, do the best in future.
4) Learn from mistakes....













the list can be continue without any full stop!!!

there are so many creations of GOD which are great, incredible, beautiful, wonderful, mind blowing, etc...


don't u think the most WONDERFUL creation of GOD is the small creature called as BABY- compare to anything in this world??!!!

i think so la...(*wink*)


seeing their cute face, cant make u forget even the biggest problem in ur life..

watching their single action, can make smile all the day...

don't u feel that the time u spend with them are the most precious moments ever...

fulfilling their every single request, make u feel like its the great achievement for the day..:)

as whole, they are the most beautiful gift that u ever can receive from GOD in ur life..

the most unforgettable GIFT...

when i will have...:p

(releasing tension konon...hehe)

time doesnt allow me to write more...adious!!!


I went to campus around 7 am. My routine, going early to campus during exam... 1ce reached the hall (A3.3 theater), i shocked!!! It is being renovated, so the hall was full of dust and the workers just started to cleaning it...(haihs~~)

i found a place to settle down so that can continue my revision. right after sit, i took out my hp...
the screen showed 1 new msg..opened-Dr.Rovina (my supervisor)-"siva call me now"...i dialed her number immediately with thousand and one questions in my head.. 'maaf, pulsa anda kurang dari 2k...bla bla'..crap..!!!

Then, i msgd a fren of mine to top up for me and i called her back after the credit in..not even 1 ring,she picked up the call and said 'siva, u r me in 1 hour'.. click..she just hanged up..didnt even give me a chance to talk... I decided to text her..."doc, im going to have exam now, can i call u around 11am" and she rplied "ok"...thats it!!! i cant anymore focus on my book. all was in my mind was what she gona tell, how much she gona complain, will she tell my chapter 4 is wrong (coz all the stats counts, i did by myself, kononnya wana try) much to worry and i totally forgot bout TMS altough i was going thru the questions before exam...(my eyes were looking at the paper but my mind...)

Doctors entered the hall when it was 15 min to 8. I kept all the papers inside my bag and when in front, to sit in the front row as usual.. The doctors started giving out the answer sheets to every1. I started shading my name 1ce i got it, suddenly Dr.Eva came in n said 'while waiting for every1 to get the answer sheet, please turn ur chair back..'..
'great, ill be the last 1 then'...whatsoever..(sighs)

exam started...and was hoping for a quite environment..suddenly, every1 started sneezing one after another (bcoz of the dust) and some were coughing non stop..was kinda irritating..!!!!

Every1 was doing the exam hour past, and my back pain started..i knew it (effect of stayed awake whole night). Crap..i became unconfortable to sit and continue the paper and hoping to finish the paper A.S.A.P...

Around 10am, i wanted to go, with doctor's permission, went out. The washroom in that floor was locked..damn, i had to go the ground floor...while climbing down, i sliped off the staircase. (me and my clumsiness, cant separate us...huhu). It made my ankle to ache more..:(

Then, i entered the hall back to continue. The moment i sat, i saw 1 of my batchmate stood up and submitted his paper and went out...OMG, 'was the paper easy or am doing it slow' (i was thinking in my heart)... after that, one by one started going out..i panic!!! (this is the reason i dont like to sit behind).. Yet, tried to not bother bout it..

After finish exam, went to plaza to give my ques to frens were talking bout the paper as usual...But, wat was in my mind all the wile was call my supervisor..I called her again, now she picked up and said 'siva, im still in the meeting' then hanged up again...'oh GOD'..then my hp beeped (msg tone). Msg from my supervisor, "come bdg if possible".. The only thing i could say was "k doc".. 'Oh man, i have to go to bdg now??!!!.. then when am i going to slp, when am i going to go thru phop'...

Took 11.30am bus, rushed to bdg coz wanted to come bc early..reached there around 12.35 pm. Then i asked her whether can i meet her now, she said she need an hour to pray and eat, meet her at 2pm..have to, had no choice..i decided to have lunch then since havent taken my breakfast also.

The 1st thing i asked her when enter her office, 'is it very BAD doc?!!'... And i was ready for anything at that moment, since my whole day was kinda disaster (thought she will tell my whole chapter 4 wrong). But what i heard from her was...'no no, its good, really'..

"Thank God"..after went thru so many so called 'bad' thing, finally i got something good...
yet alot of correction...but after talking to her, i felt like all my tiredness just disappeared like that..she always inspires me..Im stop doing it for the sake of 4credits and I started involving myself in this research because of her..i do really admire her..:)

After 1 hour, she 'chased' me...hehe. She is a super busy woman...
I reached jtngr bc with a new spirit to continue my thesis..thanx to my supervisor...hehe

(I really considering bout doing research in the future...huhu)


seeing HH Jyapataka after 5 year (in photo and video) made my eyes to filled with tears..:(
hearing HH's voice made me strong again..
when i heard the news that HH is in coma last year october put me in a fear of not getting initiation fron HH..
hoping to see you soon and get initiation so that i can move to the next step in my spiritual life..
I'm missing you alot Acharyapad..
hope u are getting better and better everyday with KRSNA's mercy and our prayers for you...
and hoping to see HH in malaysia and hear HH BG class as usual with jokes and all...:)

Guru Maharaj turned 60 this year and i missed his biggest vyasapuja(b'day celebration)...:(

we need you maharaj-stay- dont leave us...:)

your are amazing maharaj...

"On January 23rd His Majesty The King of Nepal Gyanendra Bir Bikram Shah Dev awarded His Holiness Jayapataka Swami amongst 4 leaders of the World Hindu Federation for Their contribution towards the preservation, promotion and protection of Hindu Dharma in a special and very sumptuous function at Pragya Pratisthan Kendra (The Royal Academy) in Kathmandu - Nepal. This event was organized by The World Hindu Federation during the 16th executive meeting"..

His Holiness Jayapataka Swami ki-Jay...


do we eat well?
do we feel healthy all the time?
u might answered, yes i do..i eat 3 times a healthy all the time without any illness...:p

are we really healthy?

i don't think so.
we might feed our body with all kind of Delicious food, and keep it fit and healthy..
morning nasi lemak, afternoon nasi ayam masak merah, dinner bla bla...
we don't hesitate to spend how much also just to feed ourselves with fantastic foods...

yet, do you feel satisfied? strong? healthy? active all the time?
ask yourself...
feeding yourselves with nice food is just keep yourselves good physically not mentally...

what is soul?
does everyone believe in soul?
do we feed our soul properly?
our soul healthy, strong, fit, happy as our body?

our body is functioning because there is soul.
nature of the soul is consciousness meaning its spread all over the body.
that's the reason why we conscious pains and pleasures and it this feeling is unknown by another body.

soul is like battery of the hand phone and need to be charged everyday.
how can we charge our soul? no charger also..??!!
spiritualism; meaning prayers..thats is the the only way to charge..(>.<)

we should feed our soul with prayers. thats the only way we can 'it' make happy and strong all the day. let me guess, do you feel like losing something if you don't pray a day? I'm sure the answer will be yes..(wink2*)
and you feel energetic when you just after done with your daily prayer.. you feel like your body is boost with energizer (red bull may be) after you face Him...?!!!
that is because your soul is already charged to work properly again...:)
if you don't charge your soul then it is same like the HP which is running out of charge; useless. cant do anything productive with it...

this is what we call as being healthy, stronger, energized...:)
when our soul healthy, we feel far better than eating nice food...
being 'healthy' is by keeping our soul fed not our body...:)

so lets don't forget to charge our 'battery' continuously everyday and dont let it 'die' anytime before the time!!!
its not only for now but for later on when we face Him in the other world because He will question you for not feeding yourselves (the soul) properly...hehe

my 'battery' also kinda weak too lately..


have u ever sit and admire the FULL MOON....??!!
how beautifully it brightens the night...
nothing can beats it's beauty..:)
although it has 'black mark' on it...
no wonder poets like to symbolize women as MOON
FULL MOON alwayz been my favorite thing the most...:)
i miss being back home, at the balcony with my novel, just admiring 'u'..
trust me, ull feel very peaceful by just admiring the beauty of the FULL MOON...:)

if given a choice i just wana put all my books aside; sit and watch 'u' today..

(no other better work to do to release my stress...huhu.but today is full moon..:)

- MONOGAMY in Hinduism ??!! -

Last week i attended a talkshow titled 'Comparative Religion'.
The speaker in the middle of the talk, he pointed out that Hinduism promotes Monogamy...
yes it does, yet there is no Vedic scriptures or Vedic books oppose polygamy.


" Manu Samhita (Manu Smriti), also referred to as the Laws of Manu, or the Law Book of Mankind, is the ancient Vedic scripture upon which later Hindu laws."

It is clearly outlined in this book that all the four classes are allowed to get married more than one. if not allowed, how come the kings in past had more than 1 wife...:)

" There is no widow marriage in India. In Manu-samhita, the law-givers, widow marriage is prohibited. The idea is generally, everywhere, in all countries, the female population is greater than the male population. So the idea is that she has become widow. She was once married. Now if again she is married, another virgin girl, she does not get the chance of being married. Therefore there is no widow marriage according to Hindu scripture. And a man is allowed, if he is, I mean to say, able man, he can marry more than one wife. Not that simply marry. To get more than one wife does not mean sense enjoyment. The wife must be maintained very respectfully. She must have good house, good ornaments, good food, good servants, good children. Then one can marry. Not that simply for sense gratification."

polygamy for the purpose of protecting women via proper religious marriage.

" Yet, not all men were fit for married life (brahmacarya), and all women must be married for their religious and social protection, he also stated the majority of men will marry anyway, and unmarried woman could move into a brahmacarini ashrama and live like a nun if they desire. Add the numbers of woman who joined as less than those of men, the need for polygamy in this age called Kali Yuga, obviously diminished from that of previous ages. "

- that y now monogamy preferred, because there is a alternative, not like previous ages -

"Tapasya begins with brahmacarya, life of celibacy, or accepting one wife only. That's all."

"Eka-patni-vrata, accepting only one wife, was the glorious example set by Lord Ramacandra. One should not accept more than one wife." Srimad Bhagavatam, 9th canto, ch 10, verse 54.

Religion encourage to follow Eka-Patni-Vrata but polygamy is allowed if itz for the reason of mankind not for our own purposes.

BG 13;8
'five great elements, false ego, intelligence, the unmanifested, the ten senses and the mind, the five sense objects, desire, hatred, happiness, destress, the aggregrate, the life symptoms, and convictions- all considered to be the field of activities anf its interctions'
And a man who understands it and able overcome all these will find the way to The Supreme Personality of Godhead.

- one of the reason why encouraged Eka-patni-vrata. The more a man is encircled with material responsibilities the more it become difficult to let go his material life -

- we have restricted illicit sex life. The practical difficulty is to find a husband for each and every girl. We are therefore in favor of polygamy, provided, of course, that the husband is able to maintain more then one wife. -

NOTE: Manu Samhita is not a religion. It is moral principles for conducting society. Religion is how to become devotee of The Supreme Personality of Godhead. That is religion...don't mix it..:)

(couldn't put all the facts, do ask if don't understand...:)