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Sad to Go Back~

From the day I born,
and they time we have spent,
Still i remember...
But u leave me here, Just like that,
Without saying anything...
Even the tears come from my eyes...
Still i miss u so much..!!

- Maa, u just left us; me here without think even once what will happen to us; me if u go.-
Short holiday, yet thinking how am I going to past these holidays without u. the time we use to spend together during my holidays, still i remember...u never let me go anywhere without u and love to drag me wherever u go..who will do all my shopping now?!! who will cover up for me??!! who will pamper me??!!

I still cant forget the last word u talked to me.

"Hapie Bday maa" i said.

U just replied "thank u daa" jokes, no gossips as usual...
I still cant figure out why i always been the less lucky to be with u although im ur dearest 1 compare to others...:(

Idiots!!! they must be the dumbest creatures in this world who can talk like other better work to do i guess..I wish i can see their faces.