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~ MR or MRS right ~

Why everyone thinks that the person to whom we get married can be not our mr/mrs right??!!

Few days back I was chit chat with my friends...One of my friends said,

" Kan waktu 1st year ustad ade cakap yang, kalau kita khawin nanti tak semestinya orang tu jodoh kita"

Spontaneously, another friend and i said,

"Kenape u pon fikir macam tu, kenape kita x jadikan orang tu sebagai jodoh kita?"

then she said,

"takkan orang yang kite khawin tu jadikan mr right la? belum kenal...bla bla bla"

Not only her, but most of the people think the same nowadays. If can cop up together, divorce. As simple as that...?!! why cant they think about it properly before they committed to a person??!!!

See few times, chat couple of hours, then like each other ready means 'lets get married'..please la..!!! We can take our time to get to each other and then only committed to each it more rational and at the same time can be sure of the the person whether he / she is our mr / mrs right...(^_^)

Dont tell, if that person is bad or something then have to divorce... that's the reason we must get to know each other well before. not to say, after marriage cant get to know but just saying that it's better this way..Can avoid so many things...true or not??!!

Last time where got people fall in love and all. Mostly arranged marriage.Yet, they can take that person as a life partner and also mr / mrs right...e.g. our parents.
My mom and dad lived together and my mom always tried to be the mrs right for my dad.I always wanted to be like that.

Law or religion shouldnt be a reason for everyone to have trial on mr / mrs right like changing clothes...:p

p/s : just my opinion...:p