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have u ever sit and admire the FULL MOON....??!!
how beautifully it brightens the night...
nothing can beats it's beauty..:)
although it has 'black mark' on it...
no wonder poets like to symbolize women as MOON
FULL MOON alwayz been my favorite thing the most...:)
i miss being back home, at the balcony with my novel, just admiring 'u'..
trust me, ull feel very peaceful by just admiring the beauty of the FULL MOON...:)

if given a choice i just wana put all my books aside; sit and watch 'u' today..

(no other better work to do to release my stress...huhu.but today is full moon..:)

- MONOGAMY in Hinduism ??!! -

Last week i attended a talkshow titled 'Comparative Religion'.
The speaker in the middle of the talk, he pointed out that Hinduism promotes Monogamy...
yes it does, yet there is no Vedic scriptures or Vedic books oppose polygamy.


" Manu Samhita (Manu Smriti), also referred to as the Laws of Manu, or the Law Book of Mankind, is the ancient Vedic scripture upon which later Hindu laws."

It is clearly outlined in this book that all the four classes are allowed to get married more than one. if not allowed, how come the kings in past had more than 1 wife...:)

" There is no widow marriage in India. In Manu-samhita, the law-givers, widow marriage is prohibited. The idea is generally, everywhere, in all countries, the female population is greater than the male population. So the idea is that she has become widow. She was once married. Now if again she is married, another virgin girl, she does not get the chance of being married. Therefore there is no widow marriage according to Hindu scripture. And a man is allowed, if he is, I mean to say, able man, he can marry more than one wife. Not that simply marry. To get more than one wife does not mean sense enjoyment. The wife must be maintained very respectfully. She must have good house, good ornaments, good food, good servants, good children. Then one can marry. Not that simply for sense gratification."

polygamy for the purpose of protecting women via proper religious marriage.

" Yet, not all men were fit for married life (brahmacarya), and all women must be married for their religious and social protection, he also stated the majority of men will marry anyway, and unmarried woman could move into a brahmacarini ashrama and live like a nun if they desire. Add the numbers of woman who joined as less than those of men, the need for polygamy in this age called Kali Yuga, obviously diminished from that of previous ages. "

- that y now monogamy preferred, because there is a alternative, not like previous ages -

"Tapasya begins with brahmacarya, life of celibacy, or accepting one wife only. That's all."

"Eka-patni-vrata, accepting only one wife, was the glorious example set by Lord Ramacandra. One should not accept more than one wife." Srimad Bhagavatam, 9th canto, ch 10, verse 54.

Religion encourage to follow Eka-Patni-Vrata but polygamy is allowed if itz for the reason of mankind not for our own purposes.

BG 13;8
'five great elements, false ego, intelligence, the unmanifested, the ten senses and the mind, the five sense objects, desire, hatred, happiness, destress, the aggregrate, the life symptoms, and convictions- all considered to be the field of activities anf its interctions'
And a man who understands it and able overcome all these will find the way to The Supreme Personality of Godhead.

- one of the reason why encouraged Eka-patni-vrata. The more a man is encircled with material responsibilities the more it become difficult to let go his material life -

- we have restricted illicit sex life. The practical difficulty is to find a husband for each and every girl. We are therefore in favor of polygamy, provided, of course, that the husband is able to maintain more then one wife. -

NOTE: Manu Samhita is not a religion. It is moral principles for conducting society. Religion is how to become devotee of The Supreme Personality of Godhead. That is religion...don't mix it..:)

(couldn't put all the facts, do ask if don't understand...:)