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!! She Just Said "MasyaAllah" !!

Past few days, everyone making me feel totally depress in all the way possible. Until I lose my confidence...

" I think u just act u are sick one particular day, shiva"-my group member.

"Sont expect of passing with ..." said a gal.

"who is ur...??" another fren asked. i told her "X"
The next word came out from her was "MasyaAllah"....and my eyes become watery on the spot. Couldnt take it anymore the way people discouraging me...

I know I'm my luck is terribly bad, but I still have faith on me, on HIM...I dont mind if u cant be my streangth but please stop being unsupportative....:p

!! One Heart Break !!

I'm talking here as a gal. "Love is only once in a lifetime". I think its bullshit. We cant fall in love with someone and ended up marrying that person because life is not a cinema where it has to be one hero and one heroine. As we travels all the way though, we might fall for someone at anytime, and we might fall in love as many times possible until we find the RIGHT one. Dont u think so??!!

Was having a drink with a friend just now, releasing stress. She was telling bout her love life and was sad that she havent find the right one yet. Then i told her, 'a gal at least must fall in love once, and has one HEART BREAK. it will definitely make her be more matured. Me always hold to it. Plus, my friend also had the same thought. She added, "we should have this phase (loving someone, then have a heart breke), in a gal's life. It will make the gal to be more mature and do the right decision in choosing the Mr. Right in the future.

Loving someone is not like meet once, talk awile then couple up. That is not yet consider as love; its still in phaase of liking someone. Being deeply in love with someone is a very long process where it involves trusting each other, understand each other pros and cons, tolaterate each others attitudes...bla..bla..bla!!!

After talking to her, i feel like I havent grow any mature yet....

Nobody's heart will be perfect without any 'defect'...Every single HEART would have been sctretched, or would have deep wound covered by plasteror strungled by rope as in this picture...:p