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Mentally Prepared ~

i think im mentally prepared to accept whatever awaiting for me on 7th august. I just got 3 department papers to go out of 46 departments, but now i feel like i chose the wrong papers for 1 of the departments. Nothing can be change now.

worse come worse ill join the February batch. But it doesn't means I'm a dumb or what. People who cheated all the from 1st year until now can get though means,its the sign that luck play bigger part compare to hardworking. And also if they enter Koas now it doesn't means they gonna finished it on time. So its just a matter of time.

There must a good reason why GOD doing this to me. May be i will have ample time to prepare myself to enter practical. May be i can spend some time with my family since house condition not stable yet.

However, i must be mentally prepared to face it in two weeks....