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KaRma ~

We always tend to do things without thinking of the reaction; be it immediate reaction or long term; or be it good or bad. Our every action / work called as "KARMA" in sanskrit (for hindu); For every 'action' that i do, there is a 'reaction'. Its totally different than other religion may be. Karma can also refers as the 'work' we have ahead of us, which includes lessons from both our past and present lives. Meaning, if everyone aware of the circles of birth and death, our karma always connected with our actions from past and present with its reaction.

I'm sure everyone heard of people saying, 'what la i did in my past life until suffering like this'...:p (^_^) some without knowing about karma, says it. that means we aware of our actions control our life...:) This is called as Law of karma.

God as the Provider, provides us with everything. Yet, He doesn't control us. We want (lust), we work for it (action), we get what we want (reaction). So, we have to accept whatever reaction that we get whether its good or bad. We never will complain if its good; but if something bad happens means, we blame GOD. Not appropriate is it? we should be responsible for our own action indeed.

Not all good action have immediate reward and not all bad things happen to you meaning you have bad karma. Sometimes, bad things happens for a good reason.

Example 1: A businessman-very hardworking, ambitious, wildly successful. Never even had time for himself. one day, he had an accident and ended up in hospital.

-He cant say its due to his bad karma. May be this accident might teach him the value of life and slow down a bit his life to actually feel it, enjoy it-

how about changing our karma?!! "can is it?"....of course can. Our soul is on an journey always. Karma can show us where we've been and where we might go to learn we've chosen for this lifetime. confused?? huhu. May be we feel like our life is full of miserable. That could be due to our actions in the past. May now we can choose a good path to change it. We can adjust our actions to either changes in ongoing work or gain new perspective on our past action so that we can avoid making the same mistake twice...:)


one can be free from this Law Of Karma!!!!! When we started get bored of this material world, when we understands the purpose of this life, when we knows that we are the 'soul' not the body...when he inquires "who am I? Why am I here? Whats going on? and what is my part?"

when we understand the ultimate truth that our every action is for GOD. Whatever we does is because of Him. And always put Him before for every action, then we are free from this Law...:)

He says:

"do your part and offer the reaction to me"

Example: - If a worker works all the day.Then when get the salary, he buys flowers or do donation, etc. In that way, he doesn't owns the reaction of his action.-

The End...hehe..(^_^)v-peace