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~ 'No Treatment For Family' ~

I still remember the BHP class early this year, about a doctor cant treat his own family members. THe doctor said its ethically not allowed. When i heard that i told a friend of mine,

"what he is talking la, how we cant treat our own family members. of course we will try to give the best for them right..this ethical thingy is going way out of what we suppose to learn i guess"

Yet, i was wondering all the while why is it so. On 27th of may i got the answer...

My uncle fetched me from the airport. I thought we were heading to the hospital where my mum admitted. Half way on the highway, then only i realized its the way to my house. i asked my uncle'

"Arent we going to see mum 1st before we go home"

and he said,

"she already discharged from hospital and mow at home taking rest"

Weird thing happened!!!
As a medical student who already studied about cardio in third year, i supposed to know that it cant happen. i knew that a MI patient wouldnt be discharge that fast. Yet, i tried to believe what my uncle said. Trying to consult myself that my mum will be ok and will receive me as usual. And hoping so much that my uncle wont say the sentence 'she left me'...

Then i realised why its ethically not allowed to tread out own family members. When we face them as our patient, we can loose our mind, we cant think rasionally and can be carried by emotions.

We, as a human beings, are not excepted from being carried by our emotions no matter how strong are we and how profession can we be...!!!