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do we eat well?
do we feel healthy all the time?
u might answered, yes i do..i eat 3 times a healthy all the time without any illness...:p

are we really healthy?

i don't think so.
we might feed our body with all kind of Delicious food, and keep it fit and healthy..
morning nasi lemak, afternoon nasi ayam masak merah, dinner bla bla...
we don't hesitate to spend how much also just to feed ourselves with fantastic foods...

yet, do you feel satisfied? strong? healthy? active all the time?
ask yourself...
feeding yourselves with nice food is just keep yourselves good physically not mentally...

what is soul?
does everyone believe in soul?
do we feed our soul properly?
our soul healthy, strong, fit, happy as our body?

our body is functioning because there is soul.
nature of the soul is consciousness meaning its spread all over the body.
that's the reason why we conscious pains and pleasures and it this feeling is unknown by another body.

soul is like battery of the hand phone and need to be charged everyday.
how can we charge our soul? no charger also..??!!
spiritualism; meaning prayers..thats is the the only way to charge..(>.<)

we should feed our soul with prayers. thats the only way we can 'it' make happy and strong all the day. let me guess, do you feel like losing something if you don't pray a day? I'm sure the answer will be yes..(wink2*)
and you feel energetic when you just after done with your daily prayer.. you feel like your body is boost with energizer (red bull may be) after you face Him...?!!!
that is because your soul is already charged to work properly again...:)
if you don't charge your soul then it is same like the HP which is running out of charge; useless. cant do anything productive with it...

this is what we call as being healthy, stronger, energized...:)
when our soul healthy, we feel far better than eating nice food...
being 'healthy' is by keeping our soul fed not our body...:)

so lets don't forget to charge our 'battery' continuously everyday and dont let it 'die' anytime before the time!!!
its not only for now but for later on when we face Him in the other world because He will question you for not feeding yourselves (the soul) properly...hehe

my 'battery' also kinda weak too lately..


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