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~~DoN't bE a DocToR tHeN...:p

dr.A : "pak keluhan bapak pa?" asked the docter right after the patient sat; with a scary face without greet the patient. While she anemnesis the patient, at the same she was busy prescribing the medication for him. And I notice the patient become uncomfortable when the doctor didnt bother to silent to what the patient was saying.

dr.B : "ibu Eni ya. gmana hari ni bu?ada pa2 keluhan?" with a friendly smile the doctor started his anemsis once the patient settled herself on the chair. After that slowly he asked bout her health, is she following her medication properly or not, whether the medicine causing her any troblesome or not...bla bla...:)

Am not going to comment nything bout the above senario, not gona critisize bout it. Its just a example for us to know how are we actually towards the patient; is it like the 1st one or the 2nd...U should know better.

Nobody is forget bout the knowledge. Here, just take a moment to think how are we to the patient. A friendly smile with a warm greeting is just more than enough, each time meet the patient, to make them feel much better and they will be very comfortable to share bout their pain and also will feel secure to be traeted by us. Am sure most of us does it; but do we all the time??!! TRUST me, that works 1oo% to get know better bout the patients disease...dont u think so??!!!

Some of us like to show our uneasiness or our stress to the patient; 'SOUR' face!!! (hehe)
some treat the patient like a subject for them to experiment. For god sake la, put ourself in their shoe and see. are we willing to be treated like that??!!!

'Wear' a SMILE on our face all the time. We are not going to lose a single cent by doing that. And be friendly. My preceptor says, "none of the patient going to tell the others, that doctor is very knowledgable; they will tell, go to this doctor, he/she is very kind".

Your SMARTNESS doesnt reflect how good you are but your EMPATHY...('.")v

p/s: personal opinion..hehe


duha said...

sometimes we forget because maybe belum jadi kebiasaan..

so what we can do is to make it as a habit..

practice to be polite and friendly :)

kanaga said...

very true....good post!

Kanaga said...

keep writing...

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