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They aRe UniQue~~

They might be sick,
they might be pityful,
they might be aggresive,
they might be hallusinating,
they might be deppressed,
they might be austistic,
they might be euphoric,
they might be seems to be scary,
they might be out of their mind,
they might be paranoid toward the world,
they might be lost in their own world...
BUT they are unique!!!

Psychiatry...when hear of it, the 1st thing in everyone's mind will be 'OH Oh, is it the place for mentally ill patient??''.

Everyone undergoes the phase of being disturbed mentally. U, me, us... No denial,no exception....
stress, depression, sadness are part of everyone's life. We stressed up with work, relationships leading to depression, sadness take over our world by unpleasent news. YET we are still here, and they are in there...:)


There is no proper answer can be given...Many aspects are being accused for them to be like that and for us not to be like that;
family, family background, studies, frens, work, economy, social..and the list can go on AND on.

They are unique still...
By avoidance, they gain the love of their close one;
By ignoraning people around, they gain attention from most people;
By hurting others, they gain the carefulness fron others;
By being jobless, they gain more time for themself; (hehe)
So they are UNIQUE...!!!


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