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HoT...HoT...Are u ready to die now??

Dr.N asked if any of us ready to die now??today???
nah, 99% said "NO"...and the next question was "WHY?"
"Blom nikah dok, blom nikmati apa-apa doc.." answered lah 1 gal.
And the doctor started to laugh, n asked what's the correlation between u 2 die and getting married....n the whole class started to laugh.

The point is here is not bout the reason why not ready to die, but "WHY NOBODY IS NOT READY TO DIE".
No doubt that 99% of people in this world will said "NO" to die now. It's not a weird answer though because everyone still not aware of the purpose of the "LIFE". Of course its hard to say "yes" if not knowing the purpose of our LIFE...and i feel its true enough.

Why LIFE called as GIFT from the GOD?? and why must we thank HIM for every new day in our life that HE give us?? I've heard people sayng this almost since I was like 8 or 9 years old. May be because those words were inherita by the olders or they really do the meaning of those words. Furthermore, as far as i know for most of the people around me, those are not more just words. Even myself, often forget to thank HIM.

I wonder why everyone wants a long life. The more u love ur life the more it become difficult to leave this world, the more u live the more sins u'll do, the more u into this material world the more the more we attach to this miserable world..;p

DONT U THINK SO!!! huhuhu....(own opinion, ntg to do with neither those live nor died...)

The purpose of life is something that everyone should figure out by ourself. No comment bout it either. Just want everyone to start thinking bout LIFE and ready to DIE nytime from now before its too late to realize about...So stop telling we live once, have to enjoy it and other craps..We DONT know wen we will die....(^_^)


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