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It was all about becoming OP, KK, exermining the body by every single inch, learning fashion (HUHU), exploring the inner part, and writing VeR.... Adding on with some misunderstandings, arguements, being seniority..It was, it is and it will become a routine for those who gone through 4n6 and for those who will enter after me.

BUT, I, with confident, can tell that it was more than the above for me. Fun, Making New Friends, Work As a team, Helping each other, Playing cards (LOL), etc...

Before we enter 4n6, had so many comments and also warnings from the previous groups; "4n6 sucks, full of seniority". we were preprepared for the 'fight and was expecting for the worse'. I was just hoping to finish this department as soon as possible because already had a thought that its totally going to be not fun.

First day, I was so lazy to enter the "ruko". The place was already occupied by the other University's 4n6 group. We thouhgt that so called "war" is going to start, yet we didnt want it to happen. So we made the first move, we throw the ball before them but by introducing ourselves followed by them. We didnt want to have a cold surroundings in there. First day was so packed (5 autopsies) that we had no time for each other.

Days passed, we become closer.From sitting according to University, started to sit wherever we want. From becoming KK for own groupmates, started to help each other without concerning the University. From playing cards by among ourselves, started to invite new members into it...:p

I had the bestes time of coass periode ever in 4n6. Proud to say that we (UNPAD, UKRIDA,MARANAT) were the 1st ever group that made it through without any conflicts, without any misunderstanding, without any arguements...:)

WE gonna miss u guys...:D

Life isnt a path that we have to follow wherever it takes us, but we create our own path and live it...:)


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