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People used to tell me, God love to test His devotees but He will never let them down...SO TRUE...!!!

Finally, i think I got what i deserved after so many obstacles that i went through especially this year. They made us wait for 2 hours before announce the result. I entered the hall with so many thoughts, +ve n also -ve. I felt like screaming and jumping when dr.Endang said, 'Congratulation, u all made to the koas'... I'm still cant believe it...hehe..

I really thank all the good hearts who were they to support and encouraged me all the time no matter what...:)

I'm going to graduate already...huhu

But, koas only starting on October, thinking how to fill up such a long holiday...:p


duha said...

salam sis,
make sure u make full use of the holiday..hehe
so nanti tak laa menyesal cuti berlalu macam tu je :)

i still hv long journey to go~

SivGal said...

salam duha,
thnk u yeah...:) lagi buat prog nk buat pe je cuti tu...hehehe

don't worry, u xkan rase pn that long journey, just go with the flow...

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