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I went to campus around 7 am. My routine, going early to campus during exam... 1ce reached the hall (A3.3 theater), i shocked!!! It is being renovated, so the hall was full of dust and the workers just started to cleaning it...(haihs~~)

i found a place to settle down so that can continue my revision. right after sit, i took out my hp...
the screen showed 1 new msg..opened-Dr.Rovina (my supervisor)-"siva call me now"...i dialed her number immediately with thousand and one questions in my head.. 'maaf, pulsa anda kurang dari 2k...bla bla'..crap..!!!

Then, i msgd a fren of mine to top up for me and i called her back after the credit in..not even 1 ring,she picked up the call and said 'siva, u r me in 1 hour'.. click..she just hanged up..didnt even give me a chance to talk... I decided to text her..."doc, im going to have exam now, can i call u around 11am" and she rplied "ok"...thats it!!! i cant anymore focus on my book. all was in my mind was what she gona tell, how much she gona complain, will she tell my chapter 4 is wrong (coz all the stats counts, i did by myself, kononnya wana try) much to worry and i totally forgot bout TMS altough i was going thru the questions before exam...(my eyes were looking at the paper but my mind...)

Doctors entered the hall when it was 15 min to 8. I kept all the papers inside my bag and when in front, to sit in the front row as usual.. The doctors started giving out the answer sheets to every1. I started shading my name 1ce i got it, suddenly Dr.Eva came in n said 'while waiting for every1 to get the answer sheet, please turn ur chair back..'..
'great, ill be the last 1 then'...whatsoever..(sighs)

exam started...and was hoping for a quite environment..suddenly, every1 started sneezing one after another (bcoz of the dust) and some were coughing non stop..was kinda irritating..!!!!

Every1 was doing the exam hour past, and my back pain started..i knew it (effect of stayed awake whole night). Crap..i became unconfortable to sit and continue the paper and hoping to finish the paper A.S.A.P...

Around 10am, i wanted to go, with doctor's permission, went out. The washroom in that floor was locked..damn, i had to go the ground floor...while climbing down, i sliped off the staircase. (me and my clumsiness, cant separate us...huhu). It made my ankle to ache more..:(

Then, i entered the hall back to continue. The moment i sat, i saw 1 of my batchmate stood up and submitted his paper and went out...OMG, 'was the paper easy or am doing it slow' (i was thinking in my heart)... after that, one by one started going out..i panic!!! (this is the reason i dont like to sit behind).. Yet, tried to not bother bout it..

After finish exam, went to plaza to give my ques to frens were talking bout the paper as usual...But, wat was in my mind all the wile was call my supervisor..I called her again, now she picked up and said 'siva, im still in the meeting' then hanged up again...'oh GOD'..then my hp beeped (msg tone). Msg from my supervisor, "come bdg if possible".. The only thing i could say was "k doc".. 'Oh man, i have to go to bdg now??!!!.. then when am i going to slp, when am i going to go thru phop'...

Took 11.30am bus, rushed to bdg coz wanted to come bc early..reached there around 12.35 pm. Then i asked her whether can i meet her now, she said she need an hour to pray and eat, meet her at 2pm..have to, had no choice..i decided to have lunch then since havent taken my breakfast also.

The 1st thing i asked her when enter her office, 'is it very BAD doc?!!'... And i was ready for anything at that moment, since my whole day was kinda disaster (thought she will tell my whole chapter 4 wrong). But what i heard from her was...'no no, its good, really'..

"Thank God"..after went thru so many so called 'bad' thing, finally i got something good...
yet alot of correction...but after talking to her, i felt like all my tiredness just disappeared like that..she always inspires me..Im stop doing it for the sake of 4credits and I started involving myself in this research because of her..i do really admire her..:)

After 1 hour, she 'chased' me...hehe. She is a super busy woman...
I reached jtngr bc with a new spirit to continue my thesis..thanx to my supervisor...hehe

(I really considering bout doing research in the future...huhu)


anasolehah_7 said...

Salam Siva,

Saya pun sama Siva, i kept on coughing till i feel like fainting..huhu

just wanna share with you something, in Al-Quran written (Surah Al-Insyirah 94:5-6),
Maka sesungguhnya bersama kesulitan ada kemudahan. Sesungguhnya bersama kesulitan ada kemudahan. So means, we have to believe every path that we take, kalau ada kesusahan pasti ada kesenangan bersama;)

Mr Max said...

Sis,try to take a look at a can of Coke of 350 ml..

If u has drank it 175 ml,it depends on U whether to tell to urself,

"Ah,dah kosong setengah" or

"Hurm,ada setengah penuh lagi"

Be positive ;-)

SivGal said...

salam aimi..
kan?! i pn rasa suffocated awalnya...hehe
i always blieve in that aimi and also i do blieve wateva happens for a reason..tpi ntah smlm, i..hmmm ??!!huhu

thnx for the reminder aimi...:)

SivGal said...

salam mr max,
i phm pe yg anda cuba memperlihatkan..
stuju gak dgn anda..hehe

Anonymous said...

Thank God the day ended up with some happiness after the stress and pressure from the beginning :)


SivGal said...

hey yana,
yep, really felt relieve that time la..:)

Anonymous said... r u now? hope everythings ok la ek? dr.rovina rupenye...kimsalam kat dia bole? cakap kat dia me n her repro group miss her so much.=)

SivGal said...

hi razi, am fine now...yep, everything is k..doing my final draft now..hehe. thnx for asking..:)

blh2...nnt, bsok ill let her know wen i msg her la..nak ckp u miss her too ke?hehe

duha said...

salam sis :D

just dropping by..hehhe..

cabaran n kesusahan will teach you to be a better person, and hopefully an excellent doc..

like kak aimi said, utk setiap kesusahan yang kita laluui pasti akan ada kesenangan selepasnya..just try our best and leave the rest to god..

tuhan MAHA ADIL, He knows our effort.. :D

takutnye nk masuk 4th year~ wawawawa..


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